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To run for

Idiom: To run for

Example I:
Bill, I think I’m going to run for
President in the next election.
Bill: That would be
great.  I’m sure you will do a great job.
Maria: Many people
suggested I didn’t run for it this time around, but I still think I can make a
Neil: Go for it.  I will support you all the way.

Meaning: The expression “to run for
means to try or attempt something. 
In the example above, Hillary
wants “to run for” president because she feels that she is
capable of being a good president.

Example II:
Aaron: Dude, my date wants
to marry me after only one date.
John: It’s a good idea to run for it.
Aaron: It’s a bit scary considering
we just met.
John: Uh, yeah. The situation sounds a little intense.

Meaning: In this example, the expression “to
run for
” means to run away or get away (as far as possible) from

In the example above, John
suggests “to run for it”
because he feels that the person Aaron is dating may be pushing the
relationship faster than normal.

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