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To Feel Blue

To Feel Blue: To feel depressed or sad. The use of the
color blue to mean sad dates from the late 1300s.

Dialogue 1

Nikki: What is the matter,
Ned? You look awful!
Ned: I’m feeling really
because Carol just left me for another guy.
Nikki: Really? Who?
Ned: Her new co-worker,
Bob. She just told me all of a sudden that she wanted to break up.
Nikki: I’m so sorry to hear
that. Don’t worry. You’ll find someone new. Besides, you didn’t get along very
well with Carol anyway. You need to find someone who likes the same things you
Ned: You’re right. I feel
now, but tomorrow things will be much better.

Dialogue 2
Bob: Oh, no! I failed my
math test. That means I have to take summer school to bring up my grade.
Ken: That’s too bad! You
must really feel blue right now.
Bob: You think? I had big
plans for the summer and now it will all be spent at school with Mr. Simpson
doing math problems.
Ken: Maybe you should have
studied more?
Bob:  Ok, don’t make it worse. I already feel blue.
You need to do something to cheer me up.
Ken: Well, I can help you
with your math. I love math. I could do it all day!

Meaning: To feel blue means to feel very sad about
something or someone.  In the first
dialogue, Ned is feeling blue because his girlfriend broke up with him.  In the second dialogue, Bob feels blue
because he has to take a math class during the summer instead of doing
something fun.  

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