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To Be Swamped

“to be swamped”

 To be overwhelmed with a great amount of work or obligations


Jackie: I’m
so tired! I think I’ve been up for about 48 hours.

Johnny:  Oh, no. Why haven’t you been sleeping?

Jackie: I am absolutely swamped with work! I’m
even taking it home at night and working on it. It just never seems to end!

Johnny:  Well, even though you are swamped, you still need to make time to take care of yourself
and get some sleep.


Sarah: This
is really irritating. Pete won’t even return any or my calls or texts.

Jacob: Didn’t
you hear? He is swamped with family
obligations right now. He has to take care of his sick grandma and his 7 year
old niece is living with him, so he has to drive her to school every day.  On top of that, he works full-time. 

Sarah: Well, he could at least send me a text saying he
can’t talk right now because he is swamped. It’s really rude to just not answer
at all.  I thought he didn’t want to be
friends anymore.

Jacob: No,
he just has a lot of things to do. You should be more understanding and try to
be supportive during this time. He’ll call eventually.

Sarah: You’re

Meaning: “To
be swamped”
means to be overwhelmed with work, studies, or obligations.
In example 1, Jackie is so swamped with work she cannot even sleep at night.  In example 2, Pete is swamped with family
obligations and cannot return any calls.

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