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Like a dream

Idiom: Like a dream – so good it’s unbelievable

Example 1:
Miguel: Hey Saul, did
you buy the new Ferrari you talked about?
Saul: Oh man, I
totally did!
Miguel: So, how is
it?  How does it drive?
Saul: It drives like a dream.

Example 2:
Charlie: How was your
vacation to New Zealand?
Jean: My trip was like a dream.
Charlie: Wow! That’s
great!  What did you enjoy the most?
Jean: I always
wanted to watch the All Blacks play rugby. 
It was great to watch a live game. 
It really was like a dream come

Meaning: “Like a dream”
means so good it’s unbelievable. 
In example #1, Saul never imagined it
would feel so good to drive a Ferrari. 
In example #2, Jean’s vacation was so good, it felt unreal.

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