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Camp Out

Idiom: Camp out

First Example:
Lenny: What are you and your family doing this weekend?
Nancy: We’re going to Pismo beach.  We’re still considering if we will camp out on the beach or not.
Lenny:  I’m not
big on camping out in the wild.  I
only camp out in my backyard. 
It’s not extravagant, but it’s safe for me.

Second Example:
Mitt: The protesters have been sitting in front of City Hall for
some time now.
Sean: Yeah, they decided to camp
to show the mayor how angry they are about the new policies.

To “camp out” means to sleep/live outdoors
for a short or extended period of time, usually in a tent.  To camp out includes giving up general
utilities like shower, toilet, and going without many possessions.  In the first example, Nancy is debating
whether she and her family will stay in a tent on the beach, but Lenny contends
that he doesn’t like the outdoors. 
Lenny’s approach to “camping out”
is confined to the safety of his back yard. 
In the second example, the protesters intended on staying in front of
City Hall for an extended period of time to prove their tenacity.  Therefore, they camped out in front of the building showing their willingness to
give up comforts to show their commitment.

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